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Surf Course Program

We made up a special Surf Course Program to help our students to learn the right technique and progress at a faster rate. It´s included 3 hours of lessons per day, dividing into two sessions of 1,5 hours. This will all depend on the conditions the ocean provides on the day. Our lessons are structured with a warm up, theoretical exercises on the beach and practical part in the water.

We suggest to start a Surf Course on Monday, so you can enjoy the full course, adapting from the beginning. Surf Courses are from Monday till Friday, and free surf on Saturday. Soft boards for beginners and hard boards for more intermediates / advanced surfers.

We offer surf courses for all levels. You will learn more than with any other surf school as you will have much more attention from the instructor and a closer personal relation. Pick up at Sagres or Lagos may be organised aswell.

Lessons for beginners are given on the whitewater (foam of the wave). When the technique reaches the right level, we move on to the next step – practice on the Green waves.
1st Day
Adaptation to the water environment, explanation of safety rules, learning how to slide onto the waves and explanation of surf equipment. Then introduction to surfboard inside the water.
2nd Day
Learning how to position correctly the feet on the board in a low balance position. Practicing on the beach and inside the water.
3rd Day
Exercises of take off with extension of legs and recovering the balance. Correcting the position on the sand and practicing inside the water.
4th Day
Continuing practice of previous exercises. Improvement of technique and introduction to walking exercises on the board..
5th Day
Techniques of turning the surfboard front and backside.
Free Surf
You can use the free time in between the lessons for self-practise (materials included). You can also rent materials for Free surf on a day with no surf lessons.
Evaluation of each person to know which level he or she has and which points to work on.
Exercises mainly on soft boards.
Part 1
Paddling, sitting on the board, turning direction while sitting. Learning to get the right position for paddling, techniques and explosive paddling.
Part 2
Paddle to the line up, techniques to pass the waves while paddling out (Eskimo roll, etc).
Part 3
Catching green waves by yourself and with the help of the coach pushing. Learning timing and reading the waves. Get in practise in which direction to paddle and when to get up.
Part 4
Surf green waves going left, surf green waves going right. Riding the wall of the wave. Video analysis.
Evaluation of each person to know exactly which level he or she has and which points to work on.
Introduction to short boards. The coach will be video recording and will correct you with an analysis at the beach and also at the surfcamp.
Part 1
Duck dives, bottom turns, turn on the top of the wave.
Part 2
Trimming, cutbacks and re-entries.
Part 3
Tides, Currents, introduction to reefs. Getting in and out of the water.
Part 4
Reading swell charts.
Surf Coaches
Une équipe composée de profs d'ici et d'ailleurs qui travaillent ensemble dans la joie et la bonne humeur tout en étant très professionnels.
  • Ils sont passionés de surf
  • Ils sont pédagogues
  • Ils ont commencé à surfer très jeune
  • Ils sont attentifs, positifs, et déterminés
  • Ils connaissent la région et l'océan
  • Diplôme International d'ISA
  • Diplôme de secouristes en mer