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Surf Lessons Prices

Surf Lessons without Accomodation
We offer surf courses for all levels. All prices are given per person.

Surf Course ONLY Low Season High Season
1/2 Day 40 EUR 45 EUR
1 Day 55 EUR 60 EUR
2 Days 105 EUR 115 EUR
3 Days 150 EUR 165 EUR
4 Days 190 EUR 210 EUR
5 Days 225 EUR 250 EUR

Surf Lessons Include:

- 2 surf session per day (3 hours of training)
- surf materials (board, wetsuit, lish, rashguard)
- sport accidant insurance (for surfing)
- drinking water

Surf course with the Team of LUIS MARREIROS - the most recognizable surf coach of Algarve
Free surf in between the lessons
RIPCURL wetsuits and Surfboards

Additionally, if you take a 5 days course (joining when the surf camp is open), you will be able to get an extra: Video shooting on Wednesday (presentation and correction on Wednesday evening) and Photo shooting on Thursday (presentation on Saturday).

You will learn much more as you will have much more attention from the instructor and a closer personal relation.
Pick ups in other location can be orginized as well.