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- What should i bring with me for the travel?

We suggest to bring for the beach: your bikini / swimming shorts, beach towel. For men it is comfy to have a swimming shorts - easier to put the wetsuit (but board shorts would be fine too). Remember, that the sun is very strong, so don't forget a hat or a cap and sun cream.
If you have a chance - buy a special thick sun cream for the face, with zinc or minerals - it would protect your skin while you spending many hours in the water. We also sale such a suncreams at the camp.
Since the surf resort located too close to the ocean, don´t be surprised that it is getting chill by the evening time. Get a piece of your warm cloth: sweatshirt, hoody or jacket on board!

- When it is the best time to travel?

All the seasons have their own benefits.
Summer is always hot and busy. During July, August and September the beaches are much more crowded, parties are full on, bars are packed. Happy times)). Waves are smaller all over the coastline. Both young people and Families with kids love this time of the year.
Come in the Spring time, if you want to enjoy the beauty of the nature (flowers are blooming, fields are getting greeny, rains happen) and chilled and uncrowded surf. 
Autumn is a great time for the beach: months of September and October provide with the hottest days of the year and the warmest water! Waves are getting a bit bigger since October, so get ready to travel time to time to get the right spot for the surf!
Prepare for good weather and uncrowded surf in the Winter. Temprature is about 17º degrees during the day, so, yes yes, find the place for your bikini or board shorts while packing.
Check more info about surfing during the seasons in Portugal here.

- I am a Total Beginner. Are the waves ok for me in October / November / December / etc.?

Yes, the waves are always ok out their, the trick is to find the right spot (beach) for the right level. 
For the beginners we start the lessons on the white water - so we call the foam, that appears after the wave broke. Wanna say the waves shouldn't be that small if we want them to provide with the good powerful foam that you can ride on. More about the surf programm right here.
If it is a big day, big waves, we drive to protected bay or south coast and find a good suitable spot for the beginners.
Never you will be thrown in the routh conditions with no chance to survive:)

- How much extra money shouId I bring with me?

That depends on your drinking ability) Kidding
But, it is true - we have a bar in the camp, so the drinks will be extra. Just the first Welcome Beer is upon us!
We have a dinner on Friday night, which is not included in the pack, so if you choose then to diner at the local restaurant - count 15€ - 25€ depend on what you get.
Apart of that there is no much of expenses. The transfers, all the food, water, etc. are included in the Package.

- I am an Experienced surfer, what do you have to offer me? 

We offer Intermediate and Advanced surf lessons.
We have a great coach from Algarve, we say he is the most recognizable and it is true, that all the other surf schools know his name - Luis Marreiros from Vale Figueiras. He works detailed on the mistakes, push the limits, inspire the student, always being attentive and controlling the situation. Many students return just to have classes with him.
We also film the lessons and check the mistakes back home!

- Is it cold in the Winter?

The weather is good in the winter. Want to say it is about 17º - 19º in the winter, in the coldest day it can get 14º. 
The sun is hot, also in the winter, you can feel how it is burning. The wind is cold, if it is a north wind. If you are at the beach, find a nice protected spot and you can get undressed and catch sun even in the windy day!
Water is about 15º in the winter, it is totally enough to have 4/3 mm wetsuit or even new 3/2 mm. It is true, that water temprature depends on the winds and swells, so easy you can have warmer water in February, and cooler in July.
If you thought of having a legendary New Year's Eve - check out there for the package we made up!

- I got a Question..

No worries. Whats' up or give a call to Tonya for figure it out!
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