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All mixed up in our family archive: pictures of the surfcamp, old posters, photos, postcards and “thanks-papers” from the first guests, written on pieces of whatever - all of those valuable memories!

And among it – we have a significant memory indeed – article about our Surf School, written by  in 2005 for Essential Magazine, Algarve.

That’s how it started, when there were no other surf schools along the coastline, surfing was becoming more popular, and surf pioneers, like Rui Russo were the first individuals to offer something new and fresh, a spiritual thing, an incredible lifestyle – “Boarding” school they called it.

Russo, so named because of his tumbling blond dreadlocks, grew up in the region and started surfing as youngster. Two years ago he set up his own surf school-camp, and in dong so joined a select band of savvy tutors who devote their time, energy and boundless enthusiasm into teaching others how to surf."

It is all a story now, but that was a long way, that Russo chose, following his dream and passion. Back in a day, surf school had another name ("Surf School Company"), there were different (but also great) teachers, as Marco Gueirro and Sèrgio Brandão. And Russo himself was giving the classes and showing the surf techniques, sharing with the guests of his thoughts about his lifestyle and his energy.

"Some clients have compared their own way of life with that of mine,” – says Russo, explaining the effect the surfing experience has on some people. “They discover just how busy and complicated their lives are and realize how change of lifestyle could help redress the balance. It´s like being introduced to meditation.”

Huge thanks for this memories to the author, Paul Bernhardt,
and photographers Paul Bernhardt and Nuno Campos.

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